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Longwood Purple Wisteria

Stunning elongated clusters of deep purple flowers appear in late May and early June. After the main flush has finished, it will continue to produce the odd flower until late summer.

Candy Swirl Honeysuckle

Fragrant orange and pink flowers throughout the summer. Blueish berries appear in fall after flowering.

Plum Gorgeous Clematis

Produces plum coloured blooms that fade to a purple-blue. The petals on the flowers have a sheen to them that create an almost luminous affect.

Scartho Gem Clematis

Large pink flowers with a darker central bar giving the flowers a bicolour effect. Flowers May, June and September. Prune lightly in spring.

Red Star Clematis

A unique clematis that produces fully double, velvety-red flowers with white stamens. Large flowering hybrids bloom from the previous year’s growth. Prune lightly in spring.

Hania Clematis

Striking bicolour, velvety red flowers with pale pink margins profusely cover this shorter growing variety. Perfect for patio containers, trellises, fences and arbors. Large flowering blooms on previous year’s growth. Prune lightly in spring.

Souvenir du Captaine Thuilleaux Clematis

A moderately fast growing cultivar with large bicolour flowers. The creamy pink sepals have a vivid strawberry-pink stripe at the centre. Prune lightly in spring.

H.F. Young Clematis

This cultivar has huge 6-9” single, soft blue and violet saucer-shaped blooms with cream anthers starting in early summer. Beautiful along fences and arbors. Compact climber.

Asao Clematis

Deep rosy pink 6” blossoms sport a wide crisp white central bar on each petal. Its compact habit makes this a good choice for containers, trellises or meandering over fences.