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Pulcherrimus Rose of Sharon

Double pink flowers cover the plant in the late summer and into fall. Good for hedges and landscape plantings.

Flare™ Tree Hydrangea

White blooms age to a brighter red-pink than any other compact paniculata on the market. Great for along walkways, in mixed gardens or in a decorative patio container.

Boule de Feu Rose of Sharon

Rosey red blooms are extremely showy throughout the summer. A tall, stiffly upright shrub with vase-like habit.

Dusky Maiden Smoke Tree

Has oval to rounded leaves and the foliage is rich burgundy red if exposed to full sun. Large, filamentous panicles of tiny flowers in early summer create a cloud like haze around the plant. Turns yellow, orange and scarlet in fall.

Weeping Purpleleaf Arctic Willow

A small weeping deciduous shrub with long pendulous branches. Produces silvery green catkins in spring.

Dark Purple Dwarf Lilac

Bloomerang lilacs are two-timers! Spring is the usual bloom time, and then from mid-summer through fall, adding colour and fragrance to the landscape.

Little Lime™ Tree Hydrangea

A dwarf form of hydrangea. Sports great flowers and colouration in a small package.

Azurri Blue SatinĀ® Rose of Sharon

This is a very unusual colour to add to the landscape. An indigo(blue-purple), almost crepe-paper flower. Would make a stunning hedge or a patio container plant.

Red Reblooming Weigela

Lipstick red flowers that burst into bloom in late spring followed by waves of re-bloom until frost. Provides vibrant season-long colour to foundation plantings and borders. A magnet for hummingbirds.