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River Birch

A large, oval native that is grown for its beautiful exfoliating tan bark. Used as a specimen.

Royal Red Maple

One of the most beautiful and popular trees, with large deep-lobed maroon-purple leaves.

Green Mountain® Sugar Maple

A uniform, upright maple with dark green summer foliage and red or orange fall colour.

Chanticleer Pear

A vigorous dense deciduous tree with masses of brilliant white flowers in the spring.

Common Hackberry

A large oval to rounded tree that is known for its ability to survive under difficult conditions.

Silver Maple

This species is commonly used for its adaptability and fast growth rate.

Autumn Blaze® Maple

An exciting cross between a Red and Silver Maple. Deep lobed, rich green leaves turn orange to red in the fall.

Red Sunset® Maple

An outstanding Red Maple that boasts brilliant red autumn colour.

Redpointe Maple

Brilliant red fall colour plus upright, broadly pyramidal form makes this new selection a standout.