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We Grow For You

Blue Pearl Colorado Spruce

Attractive steel blue foliage. Little maintenance required for this tidy, rounded dwarf spruce. Highly tolerant of drought and inner city living.

Blue Wonder Colorado Spruce

A very attractive tree because of its dense horizontal branching and exceptional bluish colouring. Excellent specimen for a front yard.

Ice Floe Weeping Blue Spruce

Dusty blue pointy needles on graceful weeping branches. A beautiful accent tree!

Montrose Charm Upright White Spruce

This compact Picea has softer needles than other varieties. It has a Christmas tree form and is very hardy. Fast-growing.

Bruns Weeping Serbian Spruce

A dramatic exclamation point for any sunny garden. Weeping Serbian Spruce is simply breathtaking year-round with its elegant columnar form, slightly twisted pendulous branches and 2-tone foliage of green and blue. Great for narrow spaces.

Cupressina Norway Spruce

There is simply no finer spruce than this elegant columnar variety; used as a specimen, windbreak or privacy wall.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dense green needles are soft to the touch. Makes a lovely formal statement in the garden.

Colorado Blue Spruce

A dense conical variety that has soft textured ice blue new growth.

Colorado Spruce

A blue cultivar with fast growth and uniform shape. Often used in landscapes.

Montgomery Spruce

An attractive silvery-blue foliage that remains throughout the winter. Low maintenance.