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Gala Apple Tree

Firmness, crispness, and sweetness all wrapped into one. Pick right off the tree and enjoy. Medium sized apple. Cross-pollination required. Ripens in September.

Santa Rosa Japanese Plum Tree

One of the most commonly planted plums. The fruit is sweet and delicious. Self-fertile and a good pollinator for others.

Empire Apple Tree

Firm and can be stored long. Excellent eating quality. Dark red fruit and flesh is juicy and sweet.

Montmorency Cherry Tree

Just flat out the best pie sweet cherry anybody ever developed. Called a sour cherry but actually tastes pleasantly tangy. Self-pollinating.

Bosc Pear Tree

This widely known pear with a distinct long-necked shape and brown skin. A sweet spicy taste. A favourite for eating fresh or cooking. Barlett, Anjou and Seckel good cross pollinators.

Bing Cherry Tree

Extra large heart shaped cherries with a deep maroon colour. Wonderful flavour for fresh eating and baking. Cross-pollination required.

Bartlett Pear Tree

The fruit is very aromatic and outstanding for fresh eating. It is widely used for canning and cooking because of its excellent taste. Bosc and Anjou good cross pollinator.

Stella Cherry Tree

This cherry was among the very first to self-pollinate, it does not need a second tree to set fruit. It is known for abundant yields of delightful sweet fruit. Great for fresh eating and canning.

Anjou Pear Tree

Naturally sweetened with an abundance of juice and flavour. Yellow fruit is excellent for eating in salad and great for canning. Bartlett, Bosc and Seckel good cross pollinators.

Spartan Apple Tree

Excellent eating quality. Dark red fruit and flesh is juicy and sweet. Sometimes use them in pies and sauce for their unique flavour.