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Combination Cherry Tree

The awesome 4-in-1 combo sweet cherry tree creation combines four all-time favourite sweet cherries on one fantastic tree. Blooms in May and bears fruit early July.

Combination Apple Tree

The 4 in 1 apple tree. A unique and novel plant as you receive four different varieties on one tree. Cross pollination solved! Ripening times will vary.

Red Gravenstein Apple Tree

Very flavourful, crisp, and juicy for fresh eating, and for us in sauces and pies. A vigorous tree with fruit ripening in late July or early August.

Reliance Peach Tree

The most cold-hardy peach tree you can get. Produces a heavy fruit load. Self-fertile.

Red Haven Peach Tree

The peach by which all others are measured. Heavy-bearing, cold-hardy, disease resistant, and the luscious fruit is spectacular. No pollinator needed.

Hardired Nectarine Tree

Large and delicious fruit. Great for pies, jams, jellies and baking.

Fantasia Nectarine Tree

A popular large, yellow, freestone nectarine with red overlay. The fruit is firm-ripe and tangy. Harvest is sweet with rich flavour. Self-fruitful.

Granny Smith Apple Tree

Fruit is green, firm and juicy. Good for storing and excellent for eating and cooking. Any apple will pollinate.

Mutsu Apple Tree

Large, round and truly golden fruit. Remarkable flavour that has a hint of anise. Always delicately spicy, crisp and juicy.

Flemish Beauty Pear Tree

One of the hardiest pear trees. Fruit is large, blushed, and attractive with good flavour. Great for fresh picking.