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We Grow For You

Cold Snap™ Pear Tree

A new variety of Canadian pear that’s crisp, juicy and very flavourful, with a higher resistance to disease and a longer storage life than other varieties. Keeps well throughout the winter.

Haralson Apple Tree

Medium-sized red fruit with hard, crisp and tart flesh. Good eating and cider apple. Good hardiness. Stores well. Ripens early October.

Liberty Apple Tree

A crisp and juicy red-streaked apple excellent for fresh eating and cooking. Flesh is firm and sweet. Very disease resistant. Ripens late September.

Kieffer Pear Tree

A large pear with greenish-yellow skin blushed in red. Flesh is coarse, crisp, juicy and delicious right off the tree. Pears ripen around mid-October. Self-pollinating.

Meteor Cherry Tree

Large, bright red fruit excellent for pies and jams. Tart flavour lends itself well to cooking, canning and baking. Ripens early July. Self-pollinating.

Seckel Pear Tree

Seckel has small russet coloured fruits with a juicy flesh that’s sweet and flavourful. One of the best dessert or canning pears. Ripens early September. Bosc good pollinator.

Fireside Apple Tree

A greenish-yellow skinned apple that’s heavily streaked and blushed with red. Flesh is crisp and juicy on this dessert or baking apple. Long-keeping. Ripens early October.

Tilton Apricot Tree

A very flavourful apricot, juicy and sweet. Excellent quality for freezing, drying or canning. Skin is light orange, flesh is firm and golden colour. Matures early July. Self-pollinating.

Fuji Apple Tree

Sweet, crunchy apples with a long storage life. This is a favourite eating apple with excellent flavour. Spring flowers are attractive to bees.

Combination Plum Tree

Italian, Early Golden, Burbank and Santa Rosa have been combined to create this beautiful specialty plant.