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North Country Blueberry

Compact, hardy, consistently produces tasty, sweet medium size berries. Perfect as container plants or can be planted in the landscape.

Hardy Blue Blueberry

A good choice for the culinary garden with delicious fruit, fresh, baked, preserved or frozen.

Blue Crop Blueberry

Magnificent blue berries in mid summer, which are excellent for fresh eating, cooking and baking and making jams and jellies. Cross-pollination will lead to a larger yield.

Duke Blueberry

An outstanding early season variety with large savoury sweet tasting fruit. Late bloom followed by early ripening. No need to worry about late spring frost damaging the blossoms.

Black Satin Blackberry

A very productive plant, and is extremely vigorous. It produces a large crop of beautiful, large, sweet blackberries. Plant is thornless. Self-fertile.

Meeker Raspberry

A sweet raspberry with the delicious flavour you will want for your jams, jellies and juices. Self-fertile.

Triple Crown Blackberry

Bears huge fruit year after year. Thornless. Berries are sweet and juicy and great for eating fresh, cooking or perserves. Self-fertile.

Jewel Black Raspberry

If you’re looking for reliability and hardiness in raspberries, this one is for you. Rich raspberry flavour makes your mouth water.


An abundance of magnificent salmon berries in summer, which are excellent for making jams and jellies. Self-fertile.

Little Ben Gooseberry

Compact, bushy deciduous shrub with stiff, thorny stems. Small, yellow-green flowers in spring are followed by plentiful, large fruit that ripens to red mid-summer. A compact, dwarf selection.