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Blueberry Glaze Blueberry

Reminiscent of boxwood with its compact stature and glossy, emerald leaves. Small, almost black berries are aromatic with an intense flavour much like wild blueberries. Fantastic for fresh eating or cooking.

Raspberry Shortcake™ Thornless Raspberry

A thornless raspberry with a compact and rounded growth habit. It thrives in both a patio pot or in the landscape. Light red berries are sweet and juicy. The strong sturdy canes require no staking. Ripens late June early July.

Baby Cakes™ Dwarf Thornless Blackberry

A dwarf thornless blackberry plant that presents a fireworks-like display of large, juicy berries in the summer. Its compact habit makes it perfect for patio pots. In most regions this blackberry will produce twice in one season.

Strawberry Red Rhubarb

Large, sweet juicy red stalks retain their colour when cooked. Makes delicious pies, cobblers, jams and sauces. May be canned or frozen for later use.

Canby Raspberry

An almost thornless raspberry shrub that produces very large, excellent tasting bright red berries. Perfect for eating fresh, freezing, cooking and preserves.

Polaris Blueberry

Dense tight form and a small shrub but a heavy producer. Very sweet tasting fruit. Great for fresh use or in preserves. Perfect for growing in containers.

Sweetheart Blueberry

This is the only re-fruiting blueberry available, producing large and juicy blueberries in early summer and again in early fall. Very hardy. Self pollinating.

Marion Blackberry

These vigorous plants produce very large sweet berries in July and August. The fruit has a firmer texture than other blackberries. Great for baking and preserves.

Berries GaloreĀ® Pink Strawberry

An everbearing variety with hot pink flowers that continues to produce berries all summer long. A very compact and bushy plant perfect for planters or hanging baskets.

Valentine Dwarf Cherry

Enjoy a bountiful harvest of medium bright red fruit in late summer. Great for processing and tart pies. Self-pollinating.