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Blue Gold Blueberry

This blueberry produces large, sweet, light blue berries starting in late July/early August. Fruits are carried in heavy clusters making them easier to pick. Great for fresh eating, preserves and baking. All blueberries require highly acidic soil and good drainage.

Johns Elderberry

Giant clusters of white flowers bloom in spring, becoming soft, nearly black berries in late summer. Useful for jellies, wine and attracting birds. Good native plant for naturalizing. Use another canadensis cultivar as a pollinator.

Ranch Elderberry

Shorter and more compact than most elderberry varieties. A very compact, drought tolerant plant used commercially in the mid-west. The black berries are good for wine, pies and jelly. Use another canadensis cultivar as a pollinator.

Black Velvet Gooseberry

Produces large crops of sweet dark red fruit with an interesting blueberry like flavour. The hardy disease resistant bushes are very easy to grow and very productive.

Jeanne Gooseberry

A sweet, full flavoured, very productive, dark red dessert gooseberry. Fruits are of medium size. An excellent variety for both home and commercial plantings.

Jonkheer van Tets Red Currant

This early variety is known for its highly rated flavour and fruit size. The sweet and juicy berries are great for jellies, jams and freezing as well as for making wine.

Loch Ness Blackberry

Produces firm, glossy-black, conical fruits on short, upright, thornless canes. Its compact and semi upright growth habit allow for it to be trained more like raspberries. Perfect for smaller gardens. Great for baking, fresh or preserves.

Pink Icing™ Blueberry

Breathtaking foliage colours and large, robust flavoured berries. In spring, the foliage has many shades of pink, mixed with blue and deep green. The leaves turn a stunning iridescent turquoise blue in winter. Fares as well in containers as in the landscape.

Peach Sorbet™ Blueberry

A compact blueberry with stunning peach, pink, orange and emerald green leaves. White bell-shaped flowers appear in spring, leading to an abundant summer crop of sweet berries. Add dramatic colour to the landscape or the patio.

Jelly Bean™ Blueberry

Large, flavourful blueberries that taste like sweet homemade blueberry jelly. The foliage has unique, elongated green leaves with highlights of red in cooler climates. Try as a mini-hedge, along a pathway, in the landscape or in decorative patio containers.