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Red Dragon Cutleaf Japanese Maple

Dark purple maroon foliage color throughout the hot summer months on a vigorous yet well branched tree.

Moonrise Japanese Maple

A medium sized tree with bright red new foliage that matures to yellow with an orange blush when planted in sun. In more shade, foliage takes on a more lime-green colour. Provides exceptional fall colour of orange-red. Makes a stunning accent in the landscape.

Bloomerang® Dwarf Purple Reblooming Lilac

Naturally grows as a small, rounded shrub, at a third the size of conventional lilacs. Purple blooms cover the plant in late spring, then reappear throughout summer and fall. It’s a perfect plant for lining a walkway or creating a low hedge.

My Monet Purple Effect® Weigela

Brings new colour, more flowers and better adaptability. Foliage is a variegated cream and mint green with purple tones. Flowers are deep rose pink.

Illuminati Arch® Mock Orange

Has an elegant, arching habit, sweetly fragrant flowers, and handsome, clean foliage that looks great all season. It can be grown as a small specimen, flowering hedge, or in and amongst perennials.

Scentlandia® Sweetspire

A versatile plant that tolerates shade and wet soil. Fragrant blooms on a compact shrub that can be used in borders, mass plantings, as a ground cover or a focal point.

Baby Kim™ Lilac

Has a dwarf compact habit, darker fragrant purple blooms and does not fade to white. Naturally grows as a tidy and appealing little mound. Perfect for smaller gardens.

Wee Bit Grumpy™ Bigleaf Hydrangea

Selected for its combination of pure, intense, saturated flower colour and outstanding landscape performance. In acidic soils, its big, full blooms take on a moody, dramatic deep purple-blue. In alkaline soils it turns bright pink-red.

Wee Bit Giddy™ Bigleaf Hydrangea

This compact, bigleaf hydrangea has large, bold, deep magenta red blooms and dark glossy green foliage. Continues to bloom all summer. Acidic soil will change flower to a dark violet-purple.