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We Grow For You

Dream Joy Juniper

This slow growing, dwarf conifer is ideal for creating a low mound in borders and rockeries. Bright yellow-green foliage gradually tones down to blue with maturity, particularly during the winter months.

Blue Prince Juniper

Intense blue foliage which takes on a purplish tinge in winter. Growd hugging and wide spreading. Excellent in mass planting. Ideal for trailing over rocks or walls.

Meyer Juniper

Attractive silvery blue foliage, a vase shaped growing habit that matures to an irregular broad shape. Takes on a purplish tint in the winter.

Sea of Gold Juniper

An outstanding lacy, golden-yellow foliage makes this compact evergreen an excellent choice as a colourful accent. Colour is retained and deepens in winter.

Lemon Pfizz Juniper

This beauty shines with its vivid yellow spring foliage, perfectly contrasting to its blue-green hued old growth, aging in summer to a soft lemon tone.

Green Sargent Juniper

Green Sargent Juniper has attractive light green foliage. The scale-like leaves are ornamentally significant but remain light green through the winter. It produces blue berries from late spring right through to late winter.

Fraser Fir

Its fragrance, shape, strong limbs and ability to retain its soft needles for a long time when cut makes a lovely Christmas Tree.

Fairview Juniper

A dense, evergreen small tree with a columnar to narrow pyramidal habit. Bright green to bluish green foliage which is attractive year-round.