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We Grow For You

Apple Serviceberry

Blooms white flowers in spring followed by very sweet, juicy, edible, blue-black fruit.

American Hornbeam

A slow growing, medium-sized, native understory tree with smooth grey bark and serrated, oval dark green leaves. Bark on old trees, furrowed near base. Ideal for wooded landscapes. North American native plant.

Gladiator® Crabapple

This is a very hardy tree, with a narrow upright form. Pretty in spring with showy pink flowers that appear ahead of the unique purple foliage. A specimen tree.

Butterflies Magnolia

The best of the yellow flowering magnolias with outstanding rich canary yellow blooms that hold their colour. Flowers have a rich lemon oil aroma.

Northern Black Oak

This is an amazing shade tree and a fast grower. The bark, twigs,leaves and buds offer a wide range of colours to enjoy. Provides acorns for wildlife in the late summer to early fall months.

Northern Acclaim® Thornless Honeylocust

Northern Acclaim is a medium to large, thornless and seedless tree that is fairly upright in form and widens with age. It maintains attractive bright green foliage during the summer and changes to golden-yellow in the fall. Recommended for lawns and streets.

Satomi Dogwood

A truly beautiful tree for your home with large showy pink flowers in the spring and dark green changing to red foliage in the fall.

June Snow™ Giant Dogwood

Fast growing and wide spreading, with branches developing a horizontally tiered appearance. Flat topped clusters of white flowers, which often exceed 6” in diameter, bloom in early summer. An outstanding fall colour of orange to red.

Pagoda Dogwood Tree

Clusters of creamy white flowers are followed by dark blue berries in the summer and red foliage in the fall.

Vanilla Twist Redbud

White blooms cover the delicately twisted branches of this captivating small tree. Heart-shaped leaves proceed to follow as the blooms fade. Adds an eye catching specimen to the landscape.