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Green Lustre Japanese Holly

A low growing shrub producing dark green, glossy oval foliage; dense and mounding with a wider spread. Hardier than many of the species. Inconspicuous white flowers are followed by black fruit in winter. Great foundation or hedge plant.

Caroline Upright Japanese Holly

A compact slow growing, small evergreen shrub which can be used as a hedging plant. Similar to Boxwood and very easy to maintain. Can also be used for topiary.

Percy Wiseman Rhododendron

Bright red buds produce beautiful pink blooms with yellow throats that fade to a creamy white. Thick green leaves have velvety tan undersides. Works equally well as a landscape accent or specimen.

Littleleaf Boxwood

A compact evergreen with a rounded growing habit and dense dark green foliage. Very dense branching habit. Makes an ideal accent or compact hedging. Offers bronze winter colour.

Gem Box® Inkberry Holly

A dense, ball-shaped plant with dainty, dark green leaves and attractive red tips. It maintains good branching right to the ground so it never looks bare-legged. Great as a small evergreen hedge or used as a container specimen.

Strongbox® Inkberry Holly

Native evergreen that naturally grows as a broadly rounded mound, and keeps its leaves all the way to the ground for the lush, dense look you love. It can be pruned or shaped as you desire, or left to attain its neat natural shape. Fast grower and deer resistant. A female variety that develops black berries if a compatible male pollinator is in the vicinity.

Snowbird Azalea

Easy to grow and gloriously scented. Blooms are cream coloured with overtones of pale pink. Foliage is blue green in spring and turns orange in the fall.