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Ruby Heart Hens and Chicks

Emerald green leaves with deep red centred heads form open rosettes. Thick stems with clusters of purple blooms develop in summer. Adds excellent texture and colour to containers or rock gardens.

Assorted Hens and Chicks Mix

Often used in rock gardens and on walls; these star-shaped rosettes are clustered by chicks to create a striking effect.

Bishop’s Form Dwarf Heronsbill

Forms a low clump of tiny, green leaves. Starry little pink flowers appear late spring through to the fall. An excellent groundcover for a rock garden, container, or stone ledge.

Major Stonecrop

Classic evergreen perennial groundcover forms a low carpet of tiny round powdery blue-grey leaves, accented by tiny white flower clusters. A perfect choice for the rock garden or between stepping stones.

Assorted Sedum Mix

A mixture of ground cover sedum varieties that are great for high traffic areas and for slopes and embankments where other plants won’t grow. Makes an excellent border along curbs, sidewalks, driveways and in rock gardens.

Tasteless Stonecrop

Incredibly tough groundcover that is sun and drought tolerant, but will also do well in the shade. Its small leaves are arranged in rows of six and it forms a green mat with tiny yellow star flowers in summer.

Red Beauty Hens and Chicks

Rosettes of frosty-grey green leaves tipped with red in colder months. Will spread slowly.

Coral Reef Stonecrop

This is a great grower and a spectacular attention getter in the rock garden.

Catlin’s Giant Bugleweed

A fast growing groundcover of mounded rosettes with plum-colored, evergreen foliage . Spikes of blue flowers in late spring.

Green Wheel Hens and Chicks

Eye catching succulent boasts tight fleshy leaves that form multiples of apple green rosettes. Adds an exotic texture wherever its planted.