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Domingo Limber Pine

Long blue-grey needles are very soft and attractive. Slower growing and compact. Produces cones at a young age.

Scot’s Pine

This easy grower with blue-green needles and red, peeling bark needs full sun. Trained into an interesting accent plant.

White Pine

This pine with soft blue-green needles grows rapidly at first, but slows down with age.

Weeping White Pine

A weeping form with long, blue-green needles that gently cascade from twisting branches. A wonderful accent plant. Form is variable depending upon pruning and training.

Dwarf Scot’s Pine

Rich blue-green needles on dense horitzontal branches. Compact, slow growing.

Pyramidal White Pine

Starting as a columnar form when young, this beautiful cultivar develops into a narrow, oval habit.

Austrian Pine

A bold-textured, long-needled dark green pine species.

Dwarf Mugho Pine

A compact shrub with a dwarf, globular form and dark green needles.