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Lightning Strike™ Reed Grass

This grass provides appeal all season long. Green blades with creamy white centres and light pink plumes in the fall. A drought tolerant variety that attracts songbirds.

Ginger Love Fountain Grass

This showy fountain grass has thick dark-red plumes over green mounding foliage. Seed heads emerge in August and hold on until October. A very graceful grass that will add late season interest to the garden or mixed border.

Bandwidth Silver Grass

A short variety with bright gold bands that cut across its green upright leaf blades creating a striking accent. Tan plumes emerge late summer through fall. An infertile introduction that’s great for mass planting.

Golden Meadow Foxtail

With its gold and green striped affect this is an effective contrast to pair with early flowering plants such as tulips and hyacinths. Clumps may be pruned back hard after flowering to rejuvenate the foliage.

Beyond Blue™ Fescue

Very low-maintenance with a tidy habit. Holds its intense powder blue colour year round, never going brown. Good drainage is important for it to look its best.

Blood Brothers Red Switch Grass

Forms a tight upright clump of blue-green leaves with tips turning blood-red by mid-summer and then becoming more prominent into fall. Burgundy-red, airy, cloud-like panicles develop above the foliage in late summer.

Porcupine Grass

Distinctive yellowish-white, horizontal banding on the green leaves. Spectacular pinkish copper plumes that appear in early fall. As the seeds mature, they become fluffy, and are a great accent to the reddish-tan winter foliage.

Dallas Blues Switch Grass

Noted for its greyed blue-green foliage, dense habit, unusually large flower panicles and rich rust brown to warm tan winter foliage.

Northwind Switch Grass

One of the most attractive and easy-to-grow ornamental grasses, bearing tiny green flowers in late summer. Attractive all winter. One of the best vertical forms of any of the cultivars currently available.

Switch Grass

Outstanding native grass with upright green foliage in summer turning yellow to orange in the fall. Attractive all seasons. Seeds are a food source for birds in winter.