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Tana Honeyberry

Oval shaped berries arrive in June, one of the latest honeyberry varieties to harvest. The berries are tart, yet sweet and savoury with firm skin. Is cold hardy and needs a companion for pollination.

Munger Black Raspberry

A mid-season black raspberry cultivar that is noted for its excellent flavour. Fruit matures in early July and may be eaten fresh or used in jams and jellies.

Seyval Blanc Grape

A wine grape that makes a dry, medium-bodied white wine. Panicles of fragrant, greenish flowers in spring are followed by clusters of medium-sized, green grapes that ripen in late September.

Sovereign Coronation Seedless Grape

Mid-season, edible grapes that are virtually seedless. The blue-purple fruit have a sweet musky flavour. Makes great preserves.

Wyldewood Elderberry

An elderberry plant with high yields and superior fruit production. Needs to be cross pollinated.

Consort Black Currant

Extremely productive, self-fertile variety produces clusters of medium sized, 1/4″ black berries with a black berry flavour. Very hardy and disease resistant, reliable and easy to maintain. Birds rarely bother this variety. Currants are very high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Delicious in jelly, jams, or sauces.

Perpetua™ Blueberry

A self-pollinating blueberry that provides two delicious crops a year: midsummer and fall. It’s glossy, dark green foliage looks nice in any landscape especially with the additional shades of red through the winter months.

Bonus Blueberry

A new, mid to late season blueberry variety generating one of the largest berries on the market today. Light blue fruit is both sweet and tasty. All blueberries require highly acidic soil and good drainage.

Saint Cloud Blueberry

A mid-season producer of medium to large sweet blue fruits. Upright growth habit and moderate growth rate. Excellent fresh, frozen and in preserves. All blueberries require highly acidic soil and good drainage.

North Blue Blueberry

A mid-season producer of large, dark blue berries. Green foliage turns bright red in the fall. Compact and very ornamental making it a good choice for smaller yards. All blueberries require highly acidic soil and good drainage.