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What’s New 2017

Hydrangea Everlasting® ‘Galaxy’everlasting-galaxy-13

A new introduction to the everlasting series. The flowers emerge rusty-red with tinges of green and mature to more saturated tones of the same colour with deep green foliage. This amazing colour combo makes Galaxy a good choice for cuts, with strong stems and hard flowers. Perfect in containers as well. Blooms on both old and new wood.

Height:         3-4′    90-120cm                                               Zone: 5

Spread:        3-4′    90-120cm                                               Growth Habit: Rounded

Exposure:   Part Shade                                                         Foliage: Dark Green

Flower:        Red                                                                     Bloom Time: July-October

Hydrangea Everlasting® ‘Green Cloud’hydr-green-cloud

New in the everlasting series comes a unique hydrangea with celery-green flowers, each with a white eye-zone at the center. Flowers age to a fiery red and green and last until hard frost. Ideal for a part sunny, part shady location. Makes a great container plant for the patio or a nice accent in mixed shrub or perennial gardens.

Height:            35-48”    90-120cm                             Zone:  5

Spread:           35-48”    90-120cm                             Growth Habit: Mounded

Exposure:        Part Shade                                          Foliage: Bright Green

Flower:            Green                                                   Bloom Time: July – October

Hydrangea Everlasting® ‘Bride’hydrangea_everlasting_bride_2

This stunning new variety has pure white flowers with hard blooms and strong stems. Flowers mature to a deep lime green and hold colour well until a hard frost. Bride is smaller in stature than many hydrangeas.  An excellent foundation or middle of the border shrub. It’s petite and captivating. Perfect for bouquets and arrangements.

Height:    3′   90-90cm                                                     Zone: 5

Spread:   3′   90-90cm                                                     Growth Habit: Rounded

Exposure:   Part Shade                                                   Foliage: Dark Green

Flower:  White                                                                  Bloom Time: June-October

Hosta ‘Beach Boy’beach-boy-1This new Hosta is a sport of Dream Weaver with better leaf substance and vigor. Brilliant golden yellow centers contrast superbly against the blue-green margins. Lavender flowers in mid-summer.

Height:             14-16”    35-40cm                       Zone:  3

Spread:            24-28”    60-70cm                       Growth Habit: Mounded

Exposure:        Part Sun                                       Foliage: Blue & Yellow

Flower:            Lilac                                               Bloom Time: July-August

Hosta ‘Lakeside Cupcake’lakeside-cupkcake-2

This award winning small Hosta has nearly round leaves with blue-green margins and gold centers as it emerges in spring. Mature leaves become cupped with blue margins, creamy white centers, and green jetting between the two. Excellent for mixed containers.

Height:              4-6”        10-15cm                             Zone:  3

Spread:            10-12”   25-30cm                              Growth Habit: Mounding

Exposure:        Part Sun                                             Foliage:

Flower:             Lilac                                                    Bloom Time: July

Hosta ‘Moonsplit’moonsplit

A medium sized hosta with mostly yellow leaves and a dark green stripe in the center. Best grown in a moist soil in shade or partial shade. Lavender flowers in summer.

Height:              12-16”   30-40cm                       Zone:  3

Spread:            16-20”   40-50cm                       Growth Habit: Mounded

Exposure:        Part Sun                                      Foliage: Green & Yellow

Flower:             Lilac                                             Bloom Time: July

Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’forever-purple-13

This Coral Bell forms a mound of glossy purple leaves with fluted edges and short sprays of purplish-pink flowers in summer. Sturdy in habit. Nice for borders, containers or in the rock garden.

Height:             10-12”   25-30cm                          Zone:  4

Spread:            20-21”   50-55cm                         Growth Habit: Mounded

Exposure:        Part Shade                                   Foliage: Purple

Flower:             Pink                                               Bloom Time: June – September

Clematis ‘The Vagabond’clematis-the-vagabond-5

The first flush of flowers appear in early summer, with a second flush on new growth in late summer for a full season of intense colour. Hummingbirds will love the neon purple and magenta flowers on this selection.

Height:    4-6′      1.2-1.8m                                                Zone: 5

Spread:   3′   60-90cm                                                     Growth Habit: Climbing

Exposure:   Full Sun                                                         Foliage: Dark Green

Flower: Purple                                                                 Bloom Time: June-September

Clematis Vancouver™ ‘Cotton Candy’clematis-vancouver-cotton-candy-8

The name Cotton Candy is a perfect fit, as the raspberry red flushed white petals shine against a sunshine yellow stamen. Flowers mid-spring and early fall.

Height:    7-10′     2-3m                                                   Zone: 4

Spread:   3′   60-90cm                                                    Growth Habit: Climbing

Exposure:   Part Shade                                                   Foliage: Dark Green

Flower: Pink                                                                     Bloom Time: May-September

Acer palmatum ‘Pixie’pixie-8A lovely compact maple with bright red spring colour, darkening to crimson in summer, and then turning fiery red in fall.

Height:    5-7′     1.5-2.1m                                                Zone: 5

Spread:   5-7′     1.5-2.1m                                                Growth Habit: Upright

Exposure:   Full Sun                                                        Foliage: Red

Fragaria Berri Basket® ‘White’malling-centenaryA compact and bushy everbearing plant that flowers white and produces full-flavoured berries all summer until first frost. Well suited for baskets and planters.

Height:             18”            45cm                           Zone:  5

Spread:            18”            45cm                           Growth Habit: Spreading

Exposure:        Full Sun                                        Foliage: Dark Green

Flower:            White                                             Fruit: Red Berries

Rosa ‘White Drift®’white-drift-rose-2

White Drift is the newest addition to the Drift Series. An ever blooming ground cover rose which has bright white fully double blooms, dark green foliage and a very low spreading habit. Perfect for small gardens and combination planters. They brighten up borders and spread delicately around established plants. Superb disease resistance and hardy to zone 5. Grows 45cm tall (18”) and 75cm wide (30”) Best in full sun.

Height:             18”            45cm                          Zone:  5

Spread:            30”            75cm                          Growth Habit: Spreading

Exposure:        Full Sun                                        Foliage: Dark Green

Flower:            White                                            Bloom Time: June-October

Rosa Oso Easy™ PW ‘Lemon Zest’lemon-zest-3

A happy, sunny yellow to grace your garden or balcony! This one blooms all season and won’t fade away to white. Disease resistant and easy to enjoy.

Height:         23-35 ”            60-90cm                          Zone:  5

Spread:        23-35”             60-90cm                         Growth Habit: Mounding

Exposure:    Full Sun                                                    Foliage: Dark Green

Flower:          Yellow                                                     Bloom Time: June-September

Hemerocallis ‘Roswitha’roswitha-3

Peachy pink double blooms with a purple swirled eyezone make Roswitha a must have for containers or in a border front. Compact plant with early to mid bloom season.

Height:             14-18”    35- 45cm                      Zone:  3

Spread:            18-24”    45-60cm                      Growth Habit: Mounded

Exposure:        Full Sun                                       Foliage: Green

Flower:            Light Pink                                    Bloom Time: June -July

Weigela ‘Black and White®’weigela-florida-black-and-white

The dark foliage on this interesting variety makes for a striking contrast to the pure white, red throated bell-shaped flowers. Leaves gradually become tinged with purple later in summer.

Height:             15-20”    40- 50cm                     Zone:  3

Spread:            23-32”    60-80cm                      Growth Habit: Mounded

Exposure:        Full Sun                                       Foliage:  Dark Green

Flower:            White                                           Bloom Time: May – June

Patio Paeonia ‘London’patio-peony-london

The patio peony series continues to grow with this new introduction London. A compact charming peony that produces frilly raspberry-pink, 15cm double flowers that will add plenty of colour and fragrance to your garden in late spring. Its strong stems, ease of flowering and very compact growth habit make it very suitable for growing in containers as well.

Height:              20-24”    50- 60cm                          Zone:  3

Spread:            24-30”    60-75cm                            Growth Habit: Upright

Exposure:        Full Sun                                             Foliage:  Dark Green

Flower:             Red                                                    Bloom Time: May – June

Patio Paeonia ‘Kiev’patio-peony-kiev

The Patio Series Peony are an exciting new introduction from the Netherlands. Kiev produces large single bright pink blooms that soften towards a center of creamy yellow stamens. A prolific bloomer, excellent for containers. Best grown in full sun and moist to average well drained soil. Makes an excellent cut flower.

Height:              20-24”    50- 60cm                         Zone:  3

Spread:            24-30”    60-75cm                          Growth Habit: Upright

Exposure:        Full Sun                                           Foliage:  Dark Green

Flower:            Pink                                                  Bloom Time: May – June

Sunvivor™ Table top Planters and Window Sill Planter

A nice mix of succulents decorative all summer long. Attractive and easy to care, ready to be set on a patio table or window.



Table Top Planter 12”                                                   Table Top Planter 10”


Window Sill Planter 4”x10”                                           Table Top Planter 8”