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At Willowbrook we are happy to announce that we are a grower of HGTV, shrubs and perennials that are hearty, lush thriving plants that help you achieve that beautiful garden you are looking for to complete your outdoors living space. Curb appeal is so important now a days so extend your personal style from inside the house to outside as well.Check out our HGTV page here to get a full listing of the HGTV HOME® plants that we carry.




Adverse weather these days are making gardening frustrating! Sunvivors™ line of plants are
guaranteed to grow in any kind of weather.
Due to the recent trending patterns of hot and dry summers and the
demand for plants more adaptable for those conditions we came up with Sunvivors™.
Made up of zones 2-5 hardy sedums and sempervivums, we have over 35 varieties comprising of different textures, colors, and growth habits.



Backyard Bounty™

We know fresher is always better so we would like to share with you our Backyard Bounty™ line consisting of vegetables, fruit trees, fruit shrubs and herbs.With raising prices in travel as well as in grocery stores many people are looking into their own backyard for a solution. With Backyard Bounty™ you will be getting nothing but the highest quality produce growing right in your own backyard!




Native Plants are those which are naturally indigenous to a particular area. Native plants
include , many varieties of flowers, trees, shrubs and evergreens. (Page Coming soon)


Christmas Program

Liven up your garden center with our natural Christmas trees, urns and wreaths! (More info & page Coming soon)