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At Willowbrook we are happy to announce that we are a grower of HGTV, shrubs and perennials that are hearty, lush thriving plants that help you achieve that beautiful garden you are looking for to complete your outdoors living space. Curb appeal is so important now a days so extend your personal style from inside the house to outside as well.Check out our HGTV page here to get a full listing of the HGTV HOME® plants that we carry.



Knock Out® Roses

These family of roses are easy to grow and don’t require any special care. You can plant them individually in mixed beds among shrubs, annuals and perennials or you can plant them in larger groups to create hedges that will create a bright border around you garden or yard.



Drift® Roses

These roses are a cross between miniature and groundcover roses. They have the toughness, winter hardiness and disease resistance pf the groundcover roses but they have the smaller size and repeat blooming nature of the miniatures. These roses are perfect for smaller garden and combination planters. They are great at filling empty spaces and spread delicately around your already established plants.



Proven Winners®

These are plants that you can trust to create an easy to maintain a beautiful garden. Proven Winners® have some of the most distinctive plants on the market this is because they partner up with the top plant breeders around the globe to ensure that their plants are healthy, vibrant, unique and vigorous.



First Editions®

They are quickly becoming the gardening industry’s first choice in new and exciting plants. Especially now with their new First Editions® collection that includes unique easy to grow plants. Which they will be adding to each year!


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Plant Haven®

Is an independent agency assisting plant breeders worldwide in bringing their new plant varieties to market. Through careful guidance, PlantHaven has nurtured many breeder relationships offering advice and service in market research, performance trials and patent protection.