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Super Dwarf Apple Trees

Our super dwarf apple trees are grafted onto dwarf rootstock which has an extremely dwarfing effect. These trees will be no more than 1.5 – 2 meters (5 -6 feet) tall at maturity. There are many advantages to growing such a small tree:

⌊ They can grow in incredibly confined spaces including a large patio container.

⌊ They are smaller and therefore easier to care for and to harvest.

⌊ They can live as long as standard size trees.

⌊ They produce the same size apples with the same characteristics as apples from a larger tree.

⌊ They tend to be shaded less making dwarf apple varieties sweeter because they get more sunlight.



Smoothee (Improved Golden Delicious)- Has a distinct blush orange over skin with a  greenish underlay. The flesh is crisp, juicy, and on the coarser side. The flavour is unquestionably Golden Delicious; sweet, mild and rich.


Imperial Gala- It’s mid sized with radiant red stripes over yellow skin, and promises to be very juicy, sweet and crisp come the first of August. To pollinate they need another apple, like a Gala or crabapple tree that blooms at the same time.


Imperial Gala apple

MacFree (Improved McIntosh)-  An easy-to-care-for, improved McIntosh! The fruit is aromatic with tangy, tender flesh. It is exceptionally disease resistant to apple scab, powdery mildew, cedar apple rust, and fire blight. It’s compact, cold hardy and ripens in September.