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Growing Clematis


Clematis are the most popular vines  with very  attractive flowers. They have a reputation as challenging  to grow, but as soon as you know few tricks, you will love having them in your garden!

Plant Growth:

♦ They are perennial flowering vines with flowers the size of large roses.

♦ They need support such as a trellis or archway.

♦ During the spring they do best in full sun, but do well with partial shade in summer. Keep the roots shaded by planting other plants or a small shrub around them.

♦ They prefer a fertile, well-drained  and alkaline soil (pH value more than 7). If the soil is too acidic, add lime when planting.

♦ Roots should not dry out or be disturbed.

Pests:  Clematis is susceptible to Clematis wilt, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, thrips, botrytis and fusarium.

Pruning – Clematis are divided into 3 prune groups

  • Group A:  Prune these species tidy after flowering by removing any dead or damaged stems, to keep a healthy look of the plant (this refers to early flowering species who form flowering buds on the previous year’s shoots).
  • Group B:  Remove any dead or damaged stems before the new growth begins, lightly in April  (this refers to to the mid-season , large flowered cultivars who form flowering buds on the previous year’s shoots).
  • Group C:  Cut hardly in April (cut back all the previous year’s stems ) to within 30″ of soil, just before the new growth begins (this refers to late, small and large flowered cultivars who form flowering buds on the current year’s shoots).

Clematis tips:

  • Clematis vines need to be supported with a trellis or archway. They can be trained to grow over rocks or to grow among shrubbery.
  • They are known to attract hummingbirds!
  • Planting two to three different varieties of clematis (with different colours) will provide an abundance of bloom, contributing a continuous display of colour to the garden.

Check the chart below for our varieties!    Clematis chartDownload Pdf

Clematis Chart

Clematis list-1-vert